Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hair & Makeup for Maricela's Wedding

Hello Kitties,

So Friday I was booked to do Hair and Makeup for a wedding. My client's name was Maricela. I only worked with the Bride but it was a fun appointment. I'm going to include before and afters. Keep in mind my camera is terrible and I promise I will get a better one very soon. The lighting was also poor which didn't help.

So to the right is a before as well as below. Maricela had very thick long hair. (Perfect hair!)
It took me about an hour and a half to curl it all!

The lighting is poor but this was the front

Side veiw

Front and side view

This was the back. The curls stayed all day by using Ion and Frizz ease hair spray (Yes I used two)

The above and below were the finished results of her eye makeup. I didn't use a lipstick as her eye shadow was purple and I wanted and natural look. I ended up just putting on a bit of clear gloss to finish the look. I defined the eyebrows as well.

Well Kittie's this is not the first wedding i've done but the first I have pictures of. Remember if you know anyone going to prom or getting married in the Los Angeles, Inland Empire or Orange County Areas spread the word!

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