Friday, May 18, 2012

Pin Up Hair/Makeup

Hello my darlings,
So today I decided to give you all a break down of my hair & Makeup. I'll even tell you my brands :-)
Before you ask... Yes I do infact have kittens on my shirt... :-)
This was the finished result.
So 1st, I'll start with the hair: I prepped my hair right after I got out of the shower with Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion Which I got from Sally's Beauty for only a few dollors. I also squirted on the smallest amount of LottaBody which again I got from Sally's. After blow drying I sprayed my hair with a ION Hairspray that was a light to medium hold and combed it through my hair.
I then started in one inch sections with a 1 inch curling iron and curled each piece (now note that after each peice was curled I pinned it up to my head in the form of the original curl using pin curl clips, This keeps the curl in place as it cools down and helps maintain a longer lasting curl)
After curling and pinning my entire head I waited until curls were cool and then let them down (very gently)
I used a wide toothed comb to comb through my hair and then VhaLa! Add a pretty flower for a nice touch and there you are!

NOW! Onto Makeup:
Now this is completely up to you, but I ALWAYS start with my eyes first before I even put on foundation or compact. I useually always use MAC eyeshadow but my sister bought be this Too Faced kit for Christmas which I ended up falling in love with.

In the kit I used a white for just below the brow.
Then I used a copper to cover the lid.
At the outer portions of the lid I used a brown which gives a classy look but also gives the eyes a wider look.
Being a lover of all things MAC you would think I would use a MAC eye liner but frankly I haven't found any that I like so I actually use a REVLON color stay liquid eyeliner. The truth is in the name because it lasts all day and its inexpensive.
I added some fake lashes by ARDELL which I got get from Sally's. I find my faviorte is their Niomi lash.
I then used a bit of Mascara which I use MABILLINE (Spelling?) Lash Stilleto. I've used this one since it came out and haven't found one better.

Now these are the face products I use. All MAC of course.

Throw those on add a little blush, which if your curious what color I use its MAC's Mineral wear in Warm Soul. I find it gives buildable rosy cheeks with a slight shimmer which enhances the cheek bones.

And there you have it. These are the products I love.
I know I was probably a bit all over the place but I will try to put up a youtube video explaining everything in detail from hair to makeup, Stage by Stage.

Well for now My Darlings I'm off!

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