Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Faviorite Shoes!

Hello Darlings,

So today I was looking at a few of my shoes in admiration and thought I would share just a few of my faviorites with you.

This first pair is at this point my most faviorite. I just bought them for a Army Ball I am going to be attending...

I bought these off of for $19.99 an absolute steal!

Onto the next:
These I bought believe it or not on I think I paid about $23.00 for them

Now the first pair I got as an impulse buy from my faviorite little botique that sadly just closed down. I believe I spent around $93.00. I've warn these with a few of my vintage black dresses and they go together perfectly

The second pair I bought off of I honestly don't remember what I spend on them possibly around $70.00. I've warn these with a little black dress, or a cute pencil skirt.

Well my dearies, I'm off! Until next time!

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